10 best IoT companies in the world

IoT technologies experienced a significant rise recently. Companies find ways to develop. Learn more about the best IoT companies in the world.

The best feature of the best IoT companies is that they successfully produce IoT devices and use cloud-based systems. In this way, many devices have been developed, from health services to personal care.

Some companies producing IoT technologies are only interested in software engineering. Some companies make devices compatible with IoT technologies and market these devices to other brands. Some companies create software infrastructure for IoT technology.

Which IoT companies dominate the market?

The typical features of IoT companies that dominate the market are technologies, sales volumes, and popularity. It is one step ahead of others in terms of development. You can learn more about them by browsing the companies’ official websites.


ARM is a company that designs microprocessors, GPUs, and NPUs. It was established in 1990 in Cambridge, England. It was acquired by the Japanese SoftBank Group in 2016. Also, it employs more than 5000 people around the world.

ARM is a top-rated company when considering IoT technologies. It can develop frameworks in all areas, from integrated platforms to subsystems. It has an important place in the development of IoT technology. Thanks to the IoT solutions it has developed, it has steered the technology.

Unlike other companies, ARM has realized that security is the most critical concern in IoT technology. It has been determined that hackers’ seizure of devices used in various areas of life will have terrible results.

It pioneered the inclusion of firewalls and secure IP options in IoT technologies. In this way, IoT technologies have become more confident than before. ARM is one of the world’s largest IoT companies, with 3.21 billion total assets.


Cisco is a multinational company that develops digital communication technologies but focuses more on networking hardware and software. It was established in 1984 in San Francisco, California. It later moved its headquarters to San Jose.

Cisco is a company where other companies can purchase IoT technologies. Most enterprise-grade technologies have a trail of Cisco. Cisco has succeeded in minimizing security risks by integrating firewalls into IoT technologies.

Cisco’s most important contribution is to create an integrated structure between information technology processes and activities. All the technologies it develops act as bridges. Businesses vary from simple to complex in line with their needs.

Cisco, like many other large companies, prioritizes data security. The standards it has developed on cyber security are internationally accepted. Thanks to these features, it supports IoT device developers for corporate companies.


PTC is a software company founded in 1985 in Boston. It provides services in all areas, including CAD, CAM, CAE, PLM, and IoT. However, it makes more overall developments, especially in the IoT and AR areas. It has total assets of 4.51 billion dollars.

PTC has the goal of changing the world using IoT technologies. For this, it develops pretty intelligent systems. It produces integrated solutions that will operate all of them, including machines, devices, employees, and fields of activity.

In the technologies produced by PTC, cloud technology is generally used. It is ensured that more than one person can interact at the same time. Its solutions are usually created for corporate companies. All its innovative solutions make business tracking as easy as possible.

Thanks to the technologies developed by PTC, it is possible to analyze and control everything. All steps can be checked, and changes can be made accordingly. It tries to improve the performance of all devices with industrial-level IoT solutions.


EnOcean is a company headquartered in Oberhaching, Germany. It produces resource-saving solutions for IoT devices. At its core, it develops energy-harvesting technology. It serves more than 300 companies actively producing products.

Combining IoT solutions with energy efficiency, this company has developed energy harvesting solutions for millions of buildings. The company’s philosophy is based on the power cuts of electronic devices. It is aimed at providing energy continuity.

EnOcean uses an environmentally friendly solution such as solar energy, which is relatively inexpensive and effective. It uses energy from the environment to power it and combines it with wireless technology. It also continues to develop self-powered IoT devices.

The company’s primary purpose is to provide continuous energy to electronic devices. It focuses on eliminating requirements such as batteries and cables. For this, it cooperates with different companies and produces solutions. This approach makes it one of the top IoT companies.

NXP Semiconductors

NXP Semiconductors is a company headquartered in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The company’s goal is to make the world more intelligent. It has more than 10.000 employees who act with this philosophy. Its average income is between 5 billion and 10 billion dollars.

NXP Semiconductors offers many different IoT solutions, including gateways. These include cloud services and wireless equipment. Develops platforms for the management and deployment of IoT devices. Security is at the forefront of the extended platforms.

The company designs standard product solutions and is also a manufacturer and supplier. Responsible for the manufacturing processes of high-performance products. It managed to make a name for itself thanks to the mixed signal solutions it offers to its customers.

It provides a range of semiconductor components for many different application markets. It works with many mobile phone firms, computer manufacturers, and automotive companies. It is among the most popular IoT suppliers as it achieves a certain standard.

Sight Machine

Sight Machine is a San Francisco-based firm. It helps many companies across the industry to get real-time analytics. Thus, it enables companies to overcome production difficulties and produce higher-quality products.

Sight Machine collaborates with well-known companies like Google and Microsoft. It tries to find solutions by collecting data from people’s environment. Industrial-level analysis tools are of great importance.

Companies like Sight Machine are popular in the field of IoT, as the need for data in every production area is very valuable. It offers different datasets to companies. Its philosophy is to optimize production efforts using the power of new technologies.

The best job Sight Machine does is make the analysis process dynamic. It transmits all obtained data through digital presentations. This facilitates the detection of errors, maximizes efficiency, and provides more performance in production.

CalAmp Corporation

CalAmp is a company specializing in fleet management. It stands out with its Industrial IoT solutions. In this way, it has managed to rank among the best. It has keys that provide real-time updates on the locations of vehicles and fleet units.

CalAmp operates primarily in the global transportation industry. It markets its logistics solutions to all companies, including public institutions. It also offers modules for K-12 level education. It enables companies to be successful in fleet management.

In line with GPS tracking solutions, it provides information about the vehicles’ travel distance, destination, and stopping times. It also provides reports that can be easily understood by everyone. Reports include real-time swarm behavior.

CalAmp can offer solutions to companies of all sizes, including small businesses. The sectors of the companies that have customers are pretty diverse. Service companies gain many advantages, including access to IoT devices and software development.

Skyworks Solutions

Skywork Solutions is a California-based IoT company. It contributes to developing technology in line with chip and communication equipment. Especially the RFEE module it has developed is the most critical aspect. In this way, it manages to power smart home devices.

Almost all products manufactured by Skyworks Solutions are used by large companies such as Amazon and Google. The most crucial aim of the firm is to connect people and things in the world. For this, it takes steps that will revolutionize wireless networks.

It manages to produce various solutions at many points, including industrial automation. It tries to support the global infrastructure by prioritizing contactless commerce. Enables critical applications to run with high-performance and purpose-built wireless components.

Skyworks Solutions brings together diverse ideas and supports all experiences. It wants to ensure the development of its employees through education and training. Its goal is greater human participation in a world where wireless access is possible.


Mocana is a company based in San Jose, serving over 200 companies. It is wholly focused on cyber security. Responsible for the protection of IoT devices. Develops solutions to protect devices against different threats.

Everything is more valuable than before as IoT devices are constantly increasing. Mocana is aware of this value. Devices now have an integrated structure with people. Naturally, concerns such as security and privacy have become a part of human life.

Mocana keeps its privacy and security approach at the center of its working principle. It leads companies that want to realize digital transformation. It produces the necessary security solutions to protect the devices they will use from cyber threats.

Although Mocana is not unrivaled in system security, it is among the first choices of companies. It makes solutions critical to the IoT security part of embedded systems. It provides solutions for endpoints, controllers, and gateways.

Sierra Wireless

It is one of the rare companies that aims to create IoT solutions directly in the telecommunications industry. It brings wireless solutions to the world from its headquarters in Richmond, Canada. Its income varies between 500 million and 1 billion dollars.

Sierra Wireless serves many large companies around the world. It provides connectivity services specifically for IoT devices. Any process that will power IoT devices is undersigned, from integrated modules to gateways. The most well-known aspect of the company is its cloud-based solutions.

Sierra Wireless allows organizations to connect and innovate with one another. It strives for IoT solutions with the help of intelligent wireless solutions. Also, it can support secure cloud connections in embedded models such as 2G, 4G, and 5G.

Companies from all over the world want to work with Sierra Wireless. Because this company has a fast solution approach. It is one of the leading companies in the IoT world, with thousands of employees and research and development activities worldwide.

How are the most significant IoT companies changing the world?

When the companies developing IoT technologies are analyzed, it can be seen that all these companies operate in the industrial field. Developments in IoT solutions continue, and many companies are improving their services by focusing on technology development.

  • IoT architecture: This architecture encompasses networking and cloud technology that enables IoT devices to communicate with each other. The sensors and gadgets power the devices.
  • IoT data analytics: It is an approach to evaluate a wide variety of data collected from IoT devices. A large amount of data is involved, and helpful information is generated.
  • IoT data management: This solution makes it easier for people to use IoT devices to manage their devices. Thus, it is checked whether the devices are working safely or not.
  • IoT security: It is one of the most essential requirements for IoT devices. IoT devices work connected to a specific network. It focuses on developing solutions to protect the network.
  • Industrial IoT solutions: They are entirely industrial IoT solutions. Measurable and richly structured improvements are made. The purpose of each development is service to other companies.
  • Connectivity management: This technology provides control of IoT networks. Its network can be monitored and analyzed. If necessary, various adjustments can be made to the devices.
  • Cloud applications: Cloud applications are developed following the working principles of IoT devices. All of the applications focus on the devices’ more efficient and smooth operation.

All technologies developed in critical areas can produce high-level intelligent consumer products in the last chain. It is not a coincidence that different and more popular companies are directing their research and development efforts to IoT technologies.

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