What is IoT Devices? 2023

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Do you want to find out what is IoT devices? Devices that enable us to achieve our daily life, business plans, and remote control of the regions that belong to us, such as home, and automation in industrial production processes, by eliminating the necessarily active use of human effort, are called IoT devices.

IoT devices are used in many areas today from environmental regulation to agriculture, energy to public order, and security.

IoT devices, which are connected to each other thanks to the internet technology, exchange data with each other and make general arrangements for human-life and human origin organizations to have maximum quality and standards, are actively produced by different technology companies and also creates general security and accessibility in the living areas such as smart home, smart office.

IoT Devices Meaning: Basic Machines or Not?

IoT devices meaning simply refer to devices uses Wifi or Bluetooth technology in order to make invisible digital connections with the other smart devices, share the information with them, and create the Big Data with all the other devices that have IoT technology. Here is the general information about the IoT devices:

  • Products manufactured within the framework of the Internet of Things technology are offered to the market within the framework of certain sensors, functional software, programming beyond the mechanical arrangement, and hardware features that support the use of the network.

For example, a smartwatch is an object produced within the framework of IoT technology. This object has a motion sensor, a special notch that can measure the heart rate. In addition, the ability to connect software and Wifi and Bluetooth is available on the smartwatch. The capacity of the smartwatch to transfer data to your smartphone is also a software capacity.

  • All of the devices that can be connected to the internet and routed with remote control methods such as the internet, which are now on sale with the smart prefix in the market.

For example, products such as smart ring, a smart plug, smart cameras, which you frequently see on Amazon.com, transfer data to a different IoT device related to the operation they perform while perfectly achieving their traditional functions.

Such devices can be controlled verbally or touchily via smart home applications. Thanks to the wifi connection, you can check the effectiveness of these devices in your home, even when you are at work.

Main Goal of IoT Tech: What Do These Devices Try To Do?

The main goal of IoT technology is being explored by many. Of course, the functional purpose of each different device produced is different from the other. But today, the main objectives of the production of devices with IoT technology, in general, can be listed as follows:

  1. Saving: Devices that are used in homes, offices, city planning systems, energy systems and have IoT technology provide savings because they are acting according to needs and they work efficiently.

Devices you use your home that keeps the machines at the optimal activity level in different areas such as heating and electricity consumption will pay for their fee in a short time. The same is true for an IoT technology running street lamp systems.

  1. Monitoring: Instead of manually managing things, producing devices that will manage things with smart technology is now the real innovation of the 21st century. Systems that will manage general business plans, industrial works, gather all systems under one roof and create Big Data, accessible from anywhere in the world are possible with IoT technology.
  2. Productivity: Simple actions and decisions that machines can make will no longer need people’s minds. While making these machines and devices with a few small software details, it will be possible for the employees to work more efficiently using their creativity, rather than engaging in automatic transactions.
  3. Security: Thanks to the systems that can be managed for purposes such as determining and preventing accidents that may lead to negative consequences or determining and preventing crime in work, office, public spaces, the places will protect themselves without any human error.
  4. Customer Satisfaction: Undoubtedly, one of the areas where IoT technology will give the best results is the service sector. The service sector will be able to optimize the content and provide customers with a personalized advertisement, service, and content experience, thanks to the data that is stored at every moment, shared and reused in a large area called Big Data.

What are the Basic Principles Creates Logic of IoT Devices?

While the working principles of IoT devices are extremely complex in software, it is theoretically extremely simple. A device with IoT technology collects and saves data through the gateway. To do this, it needs an internet connection.

While the internet connection provides support in data collection and storage, it also serves to analyze and categorize this data. According to this data, the smart system makes automatic decisions and implements them in light of programmed information.

At the same time, thanks to the internet, mobile devices, or other digital tools that activate the devices activate the remote control mechanism.

iot devices
iot devices

The Best IoT Devices Have The Power of Changing the World of Machines

IoT Devices Examples can be delivered from many different industries. Because today we utilize the smart technologies, strong memories, and quality measurement powers of IoT Devices in many sectors from industrial production to personal hygiene.

Let’s talk about a few of the most popular devices developed within the framework of the Internet of Things technology. We will be careful to choose these devices from different sectors.

1.      Nest

  • Sector: Home / Office
  • Company: Google
  • Aim: Security / Remote Control
  • Abilities: To make an instant status update, open and close, schedule for a specific date, keep a record, review past records, share control panel with multiple users, give voice and touch command, remote control

Nest technology, which was acquired by Google in 2014, produces smart versions of the traditional devices you use in your home and these materials can be controlled by voice or touch thanks to applications such as Google Assistant and Alexa.

The most popular products produced by the company are smart speakers, streaming devices, smoke detectors, routers, smart screens, and smart doorbells, thermostats, and cameras. Nest, a Google LLC brand, was established in 2010. It is possible to control all devices compatible with Google Nest through the Google Assistant app.

2.      Micoach Smart Ball

  • Sector: Hobby / Fun
  • Company: Adidas
  • Aim: Recording / Challenging / Making Statistics about Self-Performance
  • Abilities: To record all the shout you have made, to share statistics with you via the smartphone application, to determine the speed of the ball, to compare the football stars’ ball shouts with the current shout, to set a goal, to create an imaginary dam.

Developed by Adidas, the advanced MiCoach Smart Ball is a device that will allow you to track and improve all your football skills within a statistic framework if you want to improve yourself in the field of football.

The device can be monitored on all devices with IOS operating system devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It is supported by iOS 7 and above versions. It is also possible to determine training plans and follow them through the application.

3.      Waterbee

  • Sector: Agriculture
  • Company: Iris Innovation
  • Aim: Saving, controlled irrigation, harvesting the best agricultural products with proper irrigation
  • Abilities: Measuring the water needs of the soil, providing water according to the need, providing tips and warnings with various sensors and software about watering process, saving water thanks to the controlled and need-oriented system with Web-based Wireless Sensor Network

Due to unconscious farming practices in many parts of the world, crops to be harvested in certain periods are damaged. In addition, unnecessary irrigation processes often cause the water to be consumed significantly, while the probability of water scarcity increases.

Thanks to the web-based Wireless Sensor Networked (WSN) Smart Irrigation system, Waterbee ensures that the water is used at exactly the required rate. In this way, both soil fertility is maximized and water saving is achieved. The data are recorded and tracked through internet-based software. The system also offers irrigation suggestions.

4.      HikoB

  • Sector: Public Service
  • Company: Inter Traffic
  • Aim: Detect vehicles instantly thanks to advanced sensors and transfer the recorded data to applications with internet-based system
  • Abilities: To prevent traffic congestion, to provide people with transportation routes that will increase their daily life quality, to provide information about other environmental variables such as air temperature or humidity of the air Providing warning about repair works or dangerous weather conditions

This system reports data such as abnormal weather, traffic congestion, or car accident occurring on any route in order to prevent drivers from experiencing life hazards. It is possible to follow all the streets of the city with this type of device and to go to the most comfortable way to the destination easily.


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    The Internet of Things (IoT) describes the network of physical objects “things” that are embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies for the purpose of connecting and exchanging data with other devices and systems over the internet.

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